Dear Mr. Trump,


I know you’re focused on making us pay for walls, putting tariffs on German cars, and playing Battlefield with Kim Jong-un and Putin, but I have an issue that is close to my heart to present to you today: Making School Lunch Great Again.

You see, Michelle Obama’s plan to make school lunch “healthy”, was a good plan in theory, but completely flopped in reality. The food is subpar, not even that much more healthy, and sometimes doesn’t even look like food! That’s why I want you to make school lunch great again.


In 2015 alone, the cost of modifying the lunches to meet these regulations added $1.2B to preparing food. And not all of the lunches will even be purchased, which is even more money lost. This $1.2B could be used for more beneficial purposes, like raising the salaries of teachers, or adding/enhancing classes, new computers, textbooks, and other equipment, or I don’t know, raising our PISA scores so we’re NOT below the OECD average? Or we could have a revamped PE Program to lose the weight we gained.


Which sounds like a better use of $1.2B; making schools spend more to meet regulations for “healthier” lunches, or revamping our education system to turn around our PISA scores (we’re below the OECD average).


The food doesn’t even taste that good either.


My teacher, Mrs. Martin grew in the late 1980s, and she has fond memories of the hand prepared desserts, the creamy puddings, the Teuscher chocolates, etc. But those are now gone. A group of kids in Kentucky stated that the food “tasted like vomit”. I know for a fact that healthy food does not have to taste like vomit. (*Cough* KBBQ *Cough*)


If you don’t do something, an entire generation will go without eating real food. You must stop this influx of FAKE FOOD. Not alternative, it’s FAKE.  I hope you have a good day.




Alex Choi


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